4 Years of Digital Love
Infographic Design

Four years complete. Feels like college all over again. Commencement’s in order. Celebrating this milestone, we’re proud to present our first-ever, hand-crafted infographic with a few great stats that we’ve both driven and helped drive. Stats aside, this fact remains: our work is far from done. Four years on, we’ve redesigned nearly all our retail sites, which drive incredible web traffic, but now have our crosshairs set on the next massive mandate: online retail success. Enter LandmarkShops.com.

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Sketch, wifreframing, Illustrator, Photoshop

Date Published
5th April, 2013

Landmark Group Web Team

We took on online hospitality

We took on online hospitality when we redesigned Citymaxhotels.com back in 2009 and enabled e-commerce in 2010. Three years on, with two in the black, the site continues to evolve nicely, but we’ve just scratched the surface for the rest of our hospitality businesses from a digital angle.

Enter the Web Team. And what we have to say about a few things. To our remaining challenges, we say “Bring it on”. To our users and customers, we say “We’re here, we’re listening, and we’ll keep working on building better digital experiences”. To ourselves and everyone, we say “Salute, cheers and chin-chin. Here’s to the next four years of digital love. And then some”.

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